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We provide forward-looking services customized to meet our clients' needs, significantly boosting mutual growth.

Like Incubation, Consultation, EdTech Suit, SAAS & PASS

  1. Consulting

    Strategic & Innovative solutions for your Institution’s growth.

    Unlock your institution's potential with personalized consulting, crafting tailored strategies for educational advancement.

  2. Incubation

    Fueling the growth for your EdTech startup

    Supercharge your EdTech startup with our incubation program. Access mentorship, experts, investors, and hands-on assistance for cutting-edge solutions, ensuring your success

  3. EdTech Suite

    SAAS for Universities and Schools

    Enhance your institution's learning environment with our SaaS platform. Streamline admin, automate processes, and empower dynamic education

  4. Workforce Suite

    SAAS for Corporates

    Empower your workforce with our Saas platform and consulting services. Streamline training, foster skill development, and stay ahead in the evolving business landscape.


  1. Employbility
    Singularis WOW

    Worldwide ecosystem for upskilling and employability.

  2. Higher Education
    Middle East College

    India’s leading Higher Education college preparing Industry ready Game and design artists

  1. Gaming & Design
    Asian Institute of Design

    Oman’s top ranked University enabling excellence and employability

  2. K-12 Education
    Student Innovation Council

    Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and AICTE launched School Innovation Council programme for schools across the country.

  1. Higher Education
    Veranda Learning

    India’s largest company for test prep, higher education and employability with 200+ Centres across India

  2. Corporate Learning

    World’s largest manufacturing and distributors of confectionary and chewing gums.

  1. Upskilling
    Learn & Build

    Upskilling organization to promote Future-skilling and employability

  2. Corporate Learning
    PVM Swayam

    An ecosystem by Perfetti Van Malle to drive employee learning and development.

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