Master Menu

The dashboard gives you a broad overview of the features available in MECFuture. Read on for in-depth explanations of each feature.

The menu on the left side is your all-in-one navigation panel. The various options are explained below.

SIS Connect

Through this menu, you can access the features available through integration with your SIS profile.

  • My Profile: View your profile details.
  • Time Table: View your weekly class schedule.
  • Course Plan: View your course details, including the degree, category, and a semester-wise breakdown of your subject modules.
  • Module Registration: Register for modules for upcoming semesters.
  • Current Session: View your current semester attendance and completion timeline.
  • Fees: View your fee payment details and status.

Social & HRIS Connect

  • MEC Studio: Curated posts from MEC faculty, alumni and industry professionals
  • Learn: Courses and related content
  • Community: Discussion forum for MECFuture users
  • Reels: Short informative videos
  • Careers: Job application page
  • Competitions: Events and workshops
  • Time Table: Your weekly class schedule
  • Pay Fees Online: Link to fee payment gateway
  • MEC Learn: Link to Moodle page, integrated with your profile
User Panel

You can view your profile name, picture and headline in the right panel.

  • Profile avatar: Displays your user name and profile picture. Click on it to open your portfolio page, where you can add bio details, projects, certificates, and so on.
  • Complete your profile: Opens your portfolio
  • Explore Jobs: View a list of jobs based on your uploaded resume.
  • Profile Completion bar: An indicator of how well-rounded your profile is. The higher the completion percentage, the higher the chances of being noticed by recruiters.
  • Recent Activities: A list of your most recent activities, including live classes, assignments and quizzes.

Info Banner

The main banner can contain any important information and links.

Future Trends

  • The Future Trends section displays the trending career domains and roles along with their expected growth.
  • Click on any of them to view a detailed page.
  • In this page, you can view the yearly growth chart as well as the job role stats for the selected domain.

Featured Jobs & Internships

  • A list of recommended jobs and internships is displayed.
  • Click Apply to submit your application with one click.


  • View a list of the latest competitions – events in which you can participate and earn points.
  • Click on any competition to view its details and related activities.


  • A list of enrolled courses is displayed.
  • Click View All to view the expanded list.
  • Click on any course to view the course details.

WOW Studio

  • Curated posts from MEC faculty, alumni and industry professionals
  • Click View All to open the MEC Studio page.
  • Click on any post to open the detailed view and interact with it.


  • List of short informative videos
  • Click any video to play it.
  • The menu at the bottom of each video offers three options:
    • Download – Download the video to your device in .mp4 format.
    • Playback speed – Adjust the playback speed.
    • Picture in picture – Open the video in a floating window.
  • Click on the arrow to open the Reels page.

Community Posts

  • View the most recent Community posts – content posted by other MEC users.
  • Click View All to open the Community page.
My Recent Activities

In Recent Activities section, your go-to hub for staying updated on the latest developments in your courses. This dynamic space is designed to keep you in the loop regarding assessments and assignments recently published within your enrolled courses.

Explore this section to effortlessly track and manage your academic responsibilities. Discover newly released assessments that challenge your understanding and encourage growth, while assignments provide opportunities for practical application of your knowledge. Its a quick access user-friendly interface ensures that you can quickly locate and engage with the most recent content relevant to your educational journey.

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