My Assignments

The Assignment feature within an online learning platform is a structured and interactive tool that facilitates the submission, assessment, and feedback process for learners and instructors.All the assignments that have been published in the courses are shown in the “my assignment” section, where users can choose and attempt a specific assignment.

Assignment Attempt:

Users can view the assignment instructions, which detail the requirements for completing the assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

  • Users get access to the total number of attempts for their assignments, which shows that they have a finite number of chances to finish the task.
  • Users must download the assignment file (a PDF-format document) that has been submitted by the administrator or trainer.
  • Users must now edit the assignment PDF and upload it once more by selecting the upload assignment button.
  • Once a user submits an assignment, it will appear as a file under review, indicating that the trainers have not yet graded it.
  • Users can also look back to a previous assignment to see how it was graded.
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