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The Live Class feature is a dynamic and interactive component of an online learning platform that facilitates real-time instruction, engagement, and collaboration between instructors and learners. This feature is designed to replicate the traditional classroom experience in a virtual environment, using video conferencing and other interactive tools.

The virtual meeting room, tightly integrated with Zoom and Teams, serves as the online space where the live class takes place. This integration ensures a smooth transition from the learning platform to the video conferencing tool, providing a familiar interface for participants.

The process to attempt the live session in my class is as follows 

  • Upcoming Classes – Users can see all the Upcoming live classes which are assigned to this user in this section. 
  • Users can see the current class along with the Live Now tag on it and the user will get the join button to enter in that particular class. 
  • Once the user enters in the class his/her attendance in that particular class will be marked automatically. 
  • Users can see the Instructor/Trainer name on the class which shows who is taking the class. 
  • Users can see the Exact date & time, duration of class on the card which acknowledges the user about accurate information when the class is happening. 
  • Users can see the recording of class: this feature helps the user to view the entire recording of the class in case he/she missed the one. 
  • Users can see the Offline Classroom session which happens at some location & physical appearance of the user is required in that case. Attendance of the offline classroom session is marked by the instructor manually. 
  • Users can see the Upcoming, Completed & pending Classes on applying filters. 
  • Users can search the Classes through the search option. 
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